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Driving sales with testimonial group trials and production for Direct Response TV and Retail Industries.

Founder, Host, Nutrition Coach & Testimonial Manager

Briana Michel

Video highlights are from actual testimonial results managed by Briana Michel)

Testimonials and Before + After Transformations sell more product over the competitor!
We specialize in outstanding testimonials and awe-inspiring Before and After (B/A) results based on clinical testing and/or trial program creation and management.

Testimonials International, founded by Briana Michel, a Holistic Nutrition Coach, Fitness Expert, and Spokesperson uses her 15+ years of professional experience to aid in delivering authentic, real-world, results driven product testimonials and awe-inspiring before and after (B/A) outcomes.


When a product is rigorously tested and succeeds in its intent, it enhances the infomercials effectiveness and drives DRTV sales while building brand recognition.


We put your product to the test! If it performs well, we give it our stamp of approval and follow through with the after shoot. If it does not perform well, TI will provide a comprehensive report on the protocols and results of each phase and participant.

Drive sales with accurate, credible, compelling and inspirational testimonials.



WE are a detail-oriented, hands-on, turn-key operation that allows you to focus on important business functions while we handle all the details of casting and trial program development through to production of the B/A testimonial groups. Specializing in fitness, healthy living, weight loss, kitchen appliances, anti-aging, beauty/cosmetic and shape apparel industry results. 

Additionally, our team brings passion, excitement and a first-hand account of participant results.  We have the unique ability to host (or cast outside talent for) an infomercial or make on-camera appearances as industry specific professionals/experts when appropriate.

We are a unique team with a diverse skill set that allows you to focus on other important business functions while we handle all testimonial production from casting to final shoot. CLICK HERE

How our services work

Everything from casting to trial program creation & participant management to shoot day production is possible. We customize our services to meet your product needs. We offer extensive third party clinical, applied science and performance testing to support product claims. Each project is well planned out with your target market, timeline and goals in mind. Contact us directly to discuss your specific needs. CLICK HERE

See amazing results from past testimonial projects and hear first hand experiences from trial participants and producers about our team. CLICK HERE